Hi all, I'm Somar

I am a passionate Full Stack web developer with experience in web applications using Laravel, Node.js, Django, React.js, and Next.js. I am proficient in Git/GitHub. Collaborating with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds has enriched my professional journey. Working with clients and co-workers from Qatar, UAE, Jordan, Germany, Lebanon, Syria, and other countries has sharpened my interpersonal skills and cultural adaptability.

What I do


Front End Development

⚡ Building responsive SPA in React.js & Next.js

⚡ Building Dashboards using React.js

⚡ Dealing with API requests

Back End Development

⚡ Experience of working on multiple Backend Frameworks

⚡ Building API endPoints and ensure the level of safety and quality

⚡ Hosting and maintaining websites on virtual machine instances along with integration of databases

⚡ Building CI/CD pipelines for automated testing & deployment using Github Actions Or GitLab

Servers & Tools

⚡ Experience in working cPanel & WHM Panel

⚡ Experience in working with Client Users & Testing Tools like Postman, Insomnia and Jmeter

⚡ Experience in working with Linux and Ngnix Server


Frontend | Design
Server Tools

Education & Training

Syrian Virtual University SVU
Bachelor of Information Systems Engineering
September 2017 - Until Now% 61

The purpose of this program is to prepare professional IT engineers and programmers. The program aims at making them acquire the essential knowledge and skills in computer engineering. They will be working in a well-prepared online environment, in which modern learning methods and tools are available for them. This environment will motivate them to learn how to analyze, synthesize and create innovative IT solutions. The students get all that they need in terms of theoretical and practical knowledge required.

  • Understanding the IT theoretical basics.
  • Understanding the engineering basics and methodologies
  • The Knowledge of information system design, implementation, and testing
  • The Knowledge of protecting information systems, data, and networks.
  • The Knowledge of IT project management & quality assurance.
IECD - Damascus Branch
Bridges entrepreneurship training
Jul 2020

A training program dedicated to young entrepreneurs to train on entrepreneurship skills, project management and expansion, and how to conduct financing rounds, investment offers, and others.

  • Administration.
  • Accounting
  • Planning
  • Marketing.
Syrian Trust for Development.
MCSA Course

Training course for skills needed to study MCSA certification

  • Windows.
  • Server
  • IT
  • Networking.
Syrian Trust for Development.
CCNA & CCNP Course

Training course for skills needed to study CCNA & CCNP certificates

  • Routers.
  • Server
  • IT
  • Networking




Full Stack Web Developer
Sep 2022 – Present
Full time Principal Web Programmer at the largest consumer electronics retailer in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.The work varies between developing the internal software necessary for daily work, in addition to ensuring the workflow of the current software, managing the server and software, and providing developments to raise the level of the site and application as a leading online store in Iraq in general and the Kurdistan region in particular.
  • WordPress
  • Laravel
  • PHP Pure
  • Reactjs
  • cPanel

Future Code

Development Team Lead
Jul 2022 – Oct 2022
Director of the software and development department in the company, in a relatively new company in the local and regional market. A hybrid work system requires a high level of communication ability.
  • Laravel.
  • ReactJs.
  • VueJs.
  • Flutter.
  • ClickUp.
  • cPanel.


Full Stack Developer
Mar 2022 - May 2022
Working remotely with a leading company in Dubai - United Arab Emirates requires high skills, going through a very precise recruitment process, a high level of discipline and commitment, and the ability to provide the highest level of quality.
  • VueJs
  • NuxtJs
  • ClickUp
  • Bootstrap
  • Css

Sell any ad

Django Developer
Jul 2021 - Mar 2022
Working with a European startup and a high-level team.
  • Django
  • Rest API
  • cPanel
  • Postman
  • MySql


Web Developer
Mar 2019 – May 2019
Leading IT service provider in the Syrian coast.
  • WordPress
  • Laravel
  • cPanel
  • Postman
  • MySql

Point-IT Company

Technical Supervisor
May 2019 – Nov 2019
Leading IT service provider in the Syrian coast.
  • Networking
  • IT Support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Customer Service

Our Clients Feedback

Odai Shaqi
Marketing Manager at ElectroMall

I highly recommend Somar for any position that requires exceptional talent in software engineering and a commitment to excellence. As a marketing manager at ElectroMall, I had the pleasure of working closely with Somar on several projects, and I can attest to his outstanding abilities and contributions to our team's success.He has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of our business needs and has developed numerous tools and features that have significantly impacted our operations. Their technical expertise and innovative approach have played a pivotal role in increasing our sales and saving valuable time for our marketing team.One of his most remarkable achievements was the development of the Real-Time Information Fetching App, Which revolutionized the way we verify our information to follow the internal processes in the company and has saved a lot of time on the customer support, marketing, and data entry department by making them able to bring the information they may need and audit personally and easily. This initiative not only streamlined our processes but also enhanced our ability to improve our customer experience to avoid any mistakes that may have been made by other departments.Overall, I am confident that Somar would be a tremendous asset to any company. His technical proficiency, innovative mindset, and dedication to achieving results make them an exceptional candidate for any software engineering role.

Hassan Alkhateeb
Tech Entrepreneur, and Startup Coach with 20+ Years of Experience

I am delighted to provide a strong endorsement for Somar. Having had the privilege of being Somar's mentor during the inception of his first startup, Maak Albot, I can attest to his exceptional qualities and contributions.Somar possesses exceptional communication skills, a tactful approach, and a deep respect for others, creating a positive work environment. His determination and outstanding team management abilities were evident during our collaboration, contributing significantly to his startup's success.I am confident that Somar's business acumen, social intelligence, and relationship-building skills will be a tremendous asset to any future team. His commitment to continuous learning, quick adaptability, and reliability make him an ideal candidate for any professional endeavor.I highly recommend Somar and believe that his wealth of experience and skills will greatly contribute to the success of any team he becomes a part of in the future.

Daniel Dib
Marketing Manager @ ElectroMall

I highly recommend Somar as a web developer. I had the pleasure of working with Somar as his direct supervisor on several web development projects and I can confidently say that he is an exceptional developer.What sets Somar apart is his ability to take a project from concept to completion with ease. He is a problem-solver and is always looking for ways to improve a website's functionality and user experience. He is reliable, efficient, and dedicated to delivering high-quality work.Overall, I would highly recommend Somar as a web developer. His technical skills, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering exceptional work make him an invaluable asset to any web development team.

Ali Salman
Full Stack Web Developer | My mentor

An amazing developer with the experience needed for your next project

Mosab Jbara
Development Team Leader @ SellAnyAd

I worked for Sell Any Ad as Team Leader.Somar was an active member in the team, quick to learn and able to carry out the tasks assigned to him on time and with the required efficiency.He is also a good talker in meetings on action plans and implementation mechanisms.

Zeinab Muhammad
Client & Former Erasmus+ coordinator

Somar is a great problem solver, I faced some urgent technical issues and it only took him minutes to figure them out. He is so polite, a tech-savvy and updated with the latest trends.


Miran Cars

Miran Cars

The leading luxury car trading company in Iraq in general and Kurdistan in particular.

Khtahia Landry

Khtahia Landry

comprehensive system for a laundry service in Erbil city, facilitating order management and pickup. The solution incorporates Laravel for the backend, React.js for the dashboard, and Flutter for the mobile app. Features include multilingual support, shopping cart functionality, order summaries, order tracking, and notifications.

Najahi App

Najahi App

Najahi is a remote learning application that provides educational materials, lectures by expert teachers, and a team of former high school graduates. Key features include compatibility across all mobile devices, a comprehensive admin dashboard with a user permission system for flexible management, video playback at various resolutions and internet speeds, direct PDF reading without downloading for fast loading, single-device login for enhanced security, notifications for the latest files and videos, and more.

she initiative

she initiative

she initiative is an online syrian initiative founded by Noor Tazka (recipient of the Chiffing Scholarship, UK), this transformative platform is dedicated to elevating the educational and academic prowess of middle-aged Syrian women. Utilizing advanced technologies like Laravel for backend services and React for a dynamic front-end user experience, the website features a robust control panel. This control panel boasts multiple administrative capabilities, enables article publication, provides official statistics, and supports automatic backups, ensuring seamless operation and data integrity.

Goran Group Company website

Goran Group Company website

A multilingual website for the company includes the conversion of the design from the XD file, as well as an essay-writing console containing the most important SEO tools and the addition of its corporate definition pages.

Lawyer Shiaw website

Lawyer Shiaw website

I have developed a comprehensive website for Shiaw Law Firm, a leading legal service provider in Iraq with over 15 years of experience. The site showcases the firm's expertise in handling significant cases across various courts and industries, serving top global companies. My role involved web development and optimization to enhance user experience and functionality.

Lebanon's First Bakery website

Lebanon's First Bakery website

A multilingual website for the company includes the conversion of the design from the XD file, as well as an essay-writing console containing the most important SEO tools and the addition of its corporate definition pages.

أبو علي شيشة

Application for ordering and delivering hookahs operating in Latakia, Syria. This project was implemented using Laravel, Flutter, and ReactJs. The project includes several features to achieve an interactive user experience including an easy-to-use interface, lightweight size, and integration of the application with various devices and their display screens.

Flowerpot (Ecommerce)

A multilingual web store application to display products, a shopping cart, and the ability to make various electronic payments. A control panel to manage all the contents of the site and control purchase orders with a billing system.


Server Info Package

This package provides a set of key information about your server in order to view it to the user.

API Basic Setting

Laravel Package allows you to secure and configure the essentials of your business using the API.It help you secure the connection by ensuring the Host you have been requested for and making sure it is safe, in addition to containing a range of helpers you may need in your work.

File translation Tasks Management Site for a Translation Company

A site for managing the internal operations of a translation company, it can be defined to some extent as ERP

Pre Orders Management (Flutter App)

Flutter app that allows the call center to organize pre-orders, archive and information on deliveries in order to dispense with paper processes


Recommendation letter from Imagine Foundation e.V.

Mars 2023

We are a social venture that supports young aspiring talents from non-European countries in finding a challenging tech job in Europe or North America. We run a highly selective 4 week digital boot camp for full-stack developers, data scientists/engineers, and software automation testers. Over the course of the program, we identify candidates whose talent, passion, and work ethic significantly stand out from their peers.


2nd place in Syria

Oct 2015

Youth Competition for Creativity and Invention - Second Session:A competition for young people and adolescents in which they compete with their creative projects on several levels, all the way to the country level.


Winning the Bridges Entrepreneurship Program.

Jul 2020

A competition held within the European Institute for Cooperation and Development in Damascus that focuses on entrepreneurship and project management and evaluation to reach the funding stage, participated in the competition and was among the winning projects


Winning in incubation within the information and communication technology incubator.

Feb 2021

The Information and Communication Technology Incubator is a non-profit organization affiliated with the Syrian Scientific Society for Informatics. It aims to encourage entrepreneurs and creative youth and provide them with the necessary support to establish their innovative information and communication technology projects.


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Full Stack Web Developer (Laravel, Django, Reactjs, Vuejs, Node.js) | MERN Stack Developer | Freelancer | Entrepreneur | Syrian

Iraq, Erbil